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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Features in ASP.NET 4.5 web Aplication

Features in ASP.NET 4.5 Platform with C#:

In this post we consider Some impotent Features of 4.5. These are listed here:
  • web API.
  • Bundling and Magnification.
  • Model Binding.
  • Strongly Typed Data.
  • Support for Open ID .
  • Support Grid View control in ASP.NET 4.5. etc.
Features in ASP.NET 4.5


This is included in ASP.NET MVC 4 and ASP.NET Web Forms. This new ASP.NET Web API helps you to build and consume HTTP services easily.

Bundling and Magnification Feature:

The newly introduced bundling and magnification feature helps to bundle and minimize the size of the scripts and style sheets in your application. This feature has a great impact on the performance of your web application as a whole. You now have a System.Web.Optimization namespace that provides support for bundling and magnification of files. Once you create a new project in ASP.NET 4.5, you'll notice these lines in your Global.asax file:

Model Binding (Isolating the Web Form from the Model):

The Model binding feature in ASP.NET 4.5 enables you to develop Web forms that are independent of the Model that populates the view. The biggest advantage of using Model Binding in ASP.NET is that you can easily unit test the methods. In ASP.NET 4.5 support for model binding is provided through the usage of the  ‘System.Web.ModelBinding’ namespace. This namespace contains value provider classes like Control Attribute, Query String Attribute, etc. All these classes are inherited from the Value Provider Source Attribute class.

Strongly Typed Data Controls:

In ASP.NET 4.5, you now have data controls that can be strongly typed. You will get intelligence - you just need to assign the Item Type property to a model that is going to be associated with the data controls used in your .aspx pages. Here is a snippet of code that illustrates how you can use this.

Value Providers in

ASP.NET 4.5 provides many Value Providers that can be used to filter data. These are:
  • Query string
  • Session
  • Cookie
  • Control Value

You can also have your own custom value providers.

Support for OpenID in OAuth Logins:

ASP.NET 4.5 provides support for OpenID for OAuth logins - you can easily use external services to login to your application. Like ASP.NET MVC 4, ASP.NET 4.5 enables you to register OAuth provider in the App_Start/AuthConfig.cs file. We can also use this data dictionary to pass additional data.

Support for web sockets

HTML 5 Web Sockets allow you to perform duplex communication between the client browser and the web server. ASP.NET 4.5 provides support for web socket protocols. ASP.NET 4.5 and IIS 8 provide support for Web Socket protocol - you can now leverage Web Sockets in your ASP.NET web applications. You can learn more. Support for web sockets is provided through the System. Net Web Sockets name space.

Support Grid View control in ASP.NET 4.5:

Paging support in ASP.NET 4.5 Grid View control has been improved a lot. ASP.NET 4.5 Grid View. Allow Custom Paging property provides great support for paging and sorting through large amounts of data efficiently.
Enhanced support for asynchronous programming
ASP.NET 4.5 provides excellent support in asynchronous programming - you can now read and write HTTP requests and responses without the need of OS threads. Also, you have support for two new keywords - await and async.

Support for HTML5 form types

ASP.NET 4.5 provides excellent support for HTML 5 form types. The following are the list of new controls available in HTML 5:
  • email
  • url
  • number
  • range
  • Date pickers i.e., date, month, week, time, date time, date time-local
  • search
  • color

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