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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

External Authentication Services with ASP.NET Web API

External Authentication Services with ASP.NET Web API in C#:

In web application or other web application some time we see that there are External authentication facility is available. Here we give some related terms to this features .

  • Using Facebook login in ASP.NET application 
  • Authentication Services with ASP.NET Web API
  • Next Integrating ASP.NET with a 3rd Party Security Service
  • web api OWIN/OAuth2 3rd party login.

Now today we learn from internet about OAuth we explain it here and hope you also like and learn this easily.

What is OAuth in

It is an important question that is “understand what OAuth is”. Suppose user has some resources stored on the server and there is a third party application which wants’ to access these user resources. This is a scenario which we might have encountered many times in our lives. Let’s say we have got some really cool pictures in Flickr that we want to share with our Facebook friends. 

We go to Facebook which redirects us to Flickr where we provide our authentication details and we are done. The great thing in all this is that we never need to share our Flickr details with Facebook.This is an example of OAuth authorization.

In the step 1 above the Client logins to his Facebook account by providing a userid and a password. If user wants to share his Flickr images with his Facebook account he selects the appropriate option in Facebook. Facebook redirects him to Flickr where he provides his credentials (step 2 above). Once the user is logged in to his Flickr account he can chose to share his Flickr images with his Facebook account.

So unlike normal authentication process as in a typical web application there is two step authentication involved here. 

So we can formally define OAuth as: OAuth is a protocol that allows end users to give access to third party applications to access their resources stored on a server.

We can retrieve user account information from Facebook so that we can use it in our application.We can use this information for different purposes like creating customized experience for every user depending on his personal preferences .OAuth 2.0 is the latest version of OAuth and it is not backward compatible with OAuth 1.0. Different providers use different versions of OAuth.For example Facebook and Twitter uses OAuth version 2.0 . 

The third party application access to the users resources on a website has an advantage for the end user since he can easily share his already existing resources with another application instead of duplicating the resources in a new website.

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