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Thursday, April 23, 2015

How to Calling a Javascript function from c# code

Calling a Javascript function from c# code:

Hello friend one day I was trying to call a javascript function which will open the aspx child page from c# code behind. I tried using a literal control and assigned its text property the script funciton call.

litAlert.Text = "<script>callKeywords('" + Name + "','Keyword',+'Region');</script>";
 Where little Alert is the literal control. It works fine with a normal alert,

 but not sure what is the problem with this?

The JavaScript function is as given below:

Function call_Keywords(textid, Keywords, KeywordValue)

var url="Keywords.aspx?textvalue="+ textid +"&KeywordList="+Keywords+"&KeywordName="+KeywordValue;
var Parameters="location=0,toolbar=0,width=375,height=250,position=aboslute,


Some time we use fallowing option to call C# code by java script by this

ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this, this.GetType(), "starScript","callKeywords('" + Name + "','Keyword',+'Region');", true);

If you want to call java script code on C# code:

If you don't have the scriptManager you can use this:
Page.RegisterStartupScript("starScript", "callKeywords('" + Name + "','Keyword',+'Region');"); Related Other Post:

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