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Saturday, October 11, 2014

In Difference between ""(empty string) and String.Empty

What is the difference between String.Empty and "" (empty string):

In created String is an object of String Class.

String str=”” Creates an object 
String.Empty creates no object.

So it is more efficient to use String.Empty.

Source of information
.Length == 0 is the fastest option,
But .Empty makes for slightly cleaner code.
So "" is pretty equivalent to .Empty, but still not as fast as .Length == 0.
string.Empty doesn't create an object while "" creates a string object.

Difference between Empty String and Null value string:

Null is an absence of a value. An empty string is a value, but is just empty.
Null is special to a database.

The difference between '1' and "1" for in a database query is that the SQL syntax supports '1' for SQL queries, but doesn't use "1". related Other Post :

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